Indigenous Young People in Australia Use Social Media and Digital Technologies.


Social media has had a significant impact on how digital the world has become. Indigenous young people in Australia have not been left behind. They are primarily using this technology to connect to the rest of the world. KakaduPlum is a social company dedicated to promoting Indigenous culture and traditional Australian bush delicacies.

Since more and more young people have access to and use social media, knowing how Indigenous youth use it and what happens could lead to both good and bad things.



How Do Young Indigenous People Use Digital Technologies and Social Media


Indigenous young people use social media and digital technologies to connect and share their culture with the world. Social media has become a platform for sharing culture and traditions and a source of news and information.

Digital technologies have also allowed Indigenous young people to create and share their content. Several Indigenous online radio stations, blogs, and vlogs (video blogs) provide a space for young people to share their voices.

They are also using these tools to reconnect with their traditional heritage and values. Many young people use social media to learn about and share their language and culture. This helps them to build a strong sense of identity and community.

The use of technology is also providing new opportunities for education and employment. Several indigenous organisation and businesses use social media to reach out to young people and promote their services.


What Are The Trending Topics on Social Media for Indigenous Young People?


The trending topics on social media for Indigenous young people include:

• Culture

• Language

• Indigenous rights

• Environmental issues

• Health

• Education

• Employment.

Indigenous young people use social media to engage with these topics and start meaningful conversations. They also use social media to connect with organisation and businesses working in these areas.

What Is The Negative Impact of Social Media on Indigenous Young People?

On the negative side, social media can be a source of negativity and bullying. There have been cases of young people being cyber-bullied or harassed because of their culture or beliefs. It is important to remember that social media is a public platform, and anyone can see anything posted.

There have also been concerns that social media contributes to a decline in face-to-face interactions. This can lead to social isolation and a loss of traditional community connections.


How Can We Positively Impact Indigenous Young People Using Social Media?


There are a number of ways we can positively impact Indigenous young people using social media:

• Share positive and inspiring stories

• Connect with organization that are working in areas of interest

• Provide information about services and support

• Start important conversations about issues that matter.

By sharing positive and inspiring stories, we can help to build a sense of pride and identity among Indigenous young people. When we connect with groups working in areas of interest, we can provide information and support to make a difference in their lives. And by starting meaningful conversations about issues that matter, we can help create a more inclusive society.




Indigenous young people use social media and digital technologies to connect and the world. While there are some negative impacts, overall, these tools do more good like providing new opportunities for education and employment. They are also helping to promote Indigenous culture and traditions.


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